"> Gear cutting

Gear cutting

Here at Lager we offer in house gear/cog wheel manufacturing, grinding and testing. Your job is in safe hands with our knowledgeable staff and high quality workmanship. 

*Worm gears (worm wheel)          *Spur Gears (Imperial spur gear, Metric spur gear)
*Worm Double Helical Gears (Herringbone gear)
*Bevel Gears (Straight bevel gears, Spiral bevel gears, Zerol bevel gears, Hypoid bevel gears)
*External and Internal gears (External and internal splines, Internal ring gears etc.)
*Helical Gears (dry fixed)
*Rack and Pinion
*Mitre Gears; Skew Gears; Splines; Sprockets
*Strain Wave Gearing (Harmonic drive)
*Epicyclic Gearing (Planetary gearing)
*Crown Gear (Contrate gear)
*Non-circular Gear (NCG)
*Cage Gear & Magnetic gear
*Crown Cut *Spindle gears                                                                                                                  *Sun & Planetary Gears