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Gearbox Supply

We have strong ties with local and international gearbox manufacturers to ensure we supply our client with the highest quality product that satisfies their cost requirements.

During an overhaul, when a gearbox is considered uneconomical for repair or unfit for purpose, we offer clients an obligation free quotation for supply of a replacement gearbox through Lager.

Replacing Gearboxes

One of our specialties is retrofitting older style gearboxes with more modern, efficient gearboxes. This includes performing any site work including fabrication of new base plates, torque arms, couplings or shafts to ensure the replacement gearbox is a drop in fit.

Through our overseas contacts we are able to manufacture and supply a special ‘made to order’ gearbox that matches existing footprints at highly competitive rates.

Next time your current gearbox supplier offers you a gearbox that just doesn’t quite fit the budget or the mounting structure, please call Lager for a solution.