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High Speed Fans

Here at Lager we have extensive experience in high speed fans and are able to offer a full turnkey service for major overhauls, including:

 – static or dynamic balancing of fans.

– alignment of shafts, couplings, and belt drives for fans.

– manufacture or reverse engineer of high tensile shafts for fans.

– correct installation and settings for bearings.

– installation of automatic lubrication systems.

– recommendations re correct lubrication type and relubrication intervals for high speed fans.

– manufacture of high speed spindle fan units to alleviate alignment.

– solutions for fans to stop contamination or alleviate the minimum load in bearing problems.

– supply of split and standard bearings for fans.

– supply of split couplings for fans.

Emergencies or Breakdowns

For emergency or breakdowns requirements where the shaft must turn, we are able to review application and assess suitability of split bearings and split coupling to ensure trouble free operation and often work around the clock to ensure minimal disruptions to your production.